Why choose an outdoor classroom for your
primary school or nursery garden?

With outdoor learning becoming more and more popular, it’s important to know the positive effect this can have on the children.

So, what is an outdoor classroom?
An outdoor classroom is a permanent structure usually within school grounds that provides a practical and suitable area for outdoor lessons and play. They are most frequently used in primary school and nursery gardens.

Considerations when making your decision
There is a whole vast of options available when searching for an outdoor classroom for schools, different sizes, shapes, coverage levels, and different seating arrangements. So, what classroom should you choose? When making your decision you should consider class sizes, children’s ages, and try to pick a spot where it is not a frequent wind tunnel or flooding point. By doing this you can really maximize your annual usage on the structure itself and the classroom can have the best positive impact on your school.
So, moving on to the most important part of this article, what are the benefits of an outdoor classroom?

Outdoor learning for children is especially important because it helps them to develop and enhance a whole host of skills, some of these include social skills, teamwork, confidence, independence, and social inclusion. These skills all support the children’s natural growth and development into young adults and give them the fundamental skills that could play a vital role in their careers and adult lives.
it is no surprise for most of us to learn that being outdoors has a huge positive impact on our children’s mental health. Outdoor learning can be most beneficial when a child is experiencing stress or anxiety, it acts as an escape and provides children with a sense of control and independence. The fresh air outside also plays a vital role in increasing brain power and thus increasing a child’s ability to take on new information or deal with existing situations. According to the WHO (world health organization), children are 55% less likely to develop mental health problems when they have frequent exposure to outdoor learning.
To summarise outdoor classrooms can take many shapes or forms, they can be a few well-placed logs in a forest school or an amphitheater in the center of a primary school playground, the benefits and considerations listed above remain the same. Here at Poppy Playgrounds, we take all of this into account and by working closely with primary schools and nursery’s, we are able to come up with the perfect solution for your outdoor classroom. If you would like to talk to us about this, please get in touch today.

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