What is Muga

MUGA or multi-use games area are a fantastic way to bring versatile fun into your playground. Children can use your MUGA for a wide range of different games and it will keep them entertained for hours.

MUGA stands for the multi-use game area. In one simple structure, you can give children the tools they need to play games like football, cricket, netball, handball, and basketball. Different goals and goal markings are all clearly defined on a MUGA to make it simple to play all your favorite sports.

There are lots of reasons to bring in multi-use games areas into your primary school playground. You get incredible cost savings, as you’re able to provide multiple games with just one facility. But, there’s so much more on offer than fantastic savings.
The surfacing used such as artificial grass or rubber safety surfacing are hard-wearing and long-lasting, so you’ll get many years of use out of them, and they’re really easy to maintain. Installation is also relatively swift, reducing the disruption to your school or community.
A simple MUGA encourages children to get active. During playtime, they can challenge friends to their favorite games and burn off some energy. This helps them concentrate better in school, as well as allows them to develop their strength and coordination.
Team games are fantastic for developing social skills and problem-solving abilities too. During a game, children must work together to defeat the other team and create their social bonds. Win or lose, they’ll gain valuable social skills during play that they’ll use for the rest of their lives.
Communities, as well as schools, massively benefit through the use of MUGAs. They give a structured social place for children and teens to use, away from the isolation of social media on online games.
You might even think about renting out the use of your MUGA to local teams, holiday clubs, and evening exercise classes. There’s no limit to the possibilities of a MUGA playground.
If you’d like to talk about installing a MUGA  in your space, get in touch. We’d be delighted to help. Our friendly team is waiting for your call.

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