The Benefits of
Outdoor Play!

Children of today spent their childhood playing in the streets, riding their bikes, or climbing trees. They would play outside until their parents called them in! Kids today are busier on hitting that next level of Candy Crush, building a new farm, or watching the latest YouTube video. From iPads to television, children are spending an increasing amount of time indoors. Research shows, however, that this is having a negative impact on their health and development.

Why is outdoor play so important?
Children under five need three hours to exercise a day and that should include a mixture of bone-strengthening, muscle building, and cardiovascular activities. In addition to this,  Older children only need at least 60 minutes of vigorous exercise a day or seven hours per week.
Playing outdoors is a form of exercise that stimulates the mind, promotes nutritious physical development, and improves emotional health.
As a result of this, children playing and learning in an outdoor environment appear to be more healthy and motivated. Therefore helping to develop a positive attitude towards learning. When outdoors, children are naturally drawn to physical play: without realizing they are exercising they often use their whole body to play, engaging every muscle. This type of play allows pupils to explore their environment, develop their muscle strength & coordination, gain self-confidence, and, as the majority of the time outdoor play involves them interacting and engaging with other children, they are also improving their social skills.

Develop numerous key skills
Outdoor play is an indispensable part of growing up. Play is vital not only for enjoyment but also helps to improve many key skills.

Physical Development
Outdoor play allows children to get their daily recommended activity without it feeling like trouble.

Social Skills
Outdoor play allows children to improve their social skills by encouraging them to play with other children.

Communication Skills
Outdoor play allows children to improve their communication and language skills. This can be through certain types of

Problem Solving
Outdoor play allows children to improve their problem solving and teamwork skills.
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