Finding the right landscaper for your primary school can be daunting. Why not use the local landscaping company? Because when designing outdoors areas in schools its important to base the design around a number of factors-
1. Play value- what play value does the new area add for the children? is it a very well looking, well maintained area that the children aren’t even allowed to touch? Can the children climb on it? Can they smell the flowers or even plant some of their own? The benefits all of this has on a child’s health is astronomical, if you are looking to create a play space in your nursery garden or primary school that a child can truly enjoy then Poppy playgrounds is a good place to start.
2. Shelter- with some harsh winters and harsh summers, shelter has never been a more important factor when landscaping an area for children to use. It gives them the chance to rest and relax away from the playground and the opportunity to reflect.
3. Safety- Most landscapers don’t consider finger traps, sharp edges or even fall heights when landscaping an area. At poppy Playgrounds safety for children is at the top of our list. With all of our playgrounds being inspected on completion you can be sure your new area will be as safe as it can be.

If you want to discuss a landscaping project or just want some ideas then please feel free to give us a call and we will always be more then happy to help.

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