There are many benefits to playing outdoors: exercise, social interaction, and fresh air do wonders. However, it is difficult to exceed the entertainment value of video games or television. That’s why we’ve teamed up with YALP to supply a solution to invite players outside again.
The Yalp Sutu brings people together and encourages them to take part in active competition with friends. All the games have different levels and are challenging for all players, from beginner to advanced. The Sutu contains 16 illuminated LED panels that register ball contact using vibration sensors. Therefore, Sutu is not restricted to soccer only and usable for sports like tennis or basketball.
• Durable, robust construction – resilient to vandalism
• Health-promoting and socially constructive
• Remains challenging – a long term fun attraction using frequent game updates
• 100% Dutch design – invented, constructed, assembled in the Netherlands
• Fun for all ages and abilities – Widen your target group and attract more visitors

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