Encouraging Playground

Playground safety is a vital part of every play area we design. We want children to be able to enjoy all aspects of their playtime and be safe even during risky outdoor play.
With years of experience in the business, we’ve got lots of tips and tricks for encouraging playground safety and maximizing fun.
Take a look at how we’ll ensure your playground is safe, fun, and a real asset to your school, business, or community.

Your playground safety surfacing is invaluable in ensuring the continued safety of everyone who uses your play space. Our flooring solutions are hard-wearing, slip-resistant, and often require very little maintenance. They’re designed to absorb shocks too, so if trips and falls do happen, it’ll help reduce the chances of serious injury. This is especially important around playground towers and climbing equipment.
The fantastic designers at Poppy Playgrounds consider your surfacing an extra space to get creative. With innovative wet pour surfacing options, we’ll make sure your flooring looks bright and enhances your theme as well as keeping children safe.

We make lots of our exciting playground equipment out of quality timber. This gives the play area a more natural look but with lots of use, timber can become a little rough. During your regular maintenance of equipment, simply sand any roughness away with some sandpaper to protect against little splinters and increase your playground safety.

It’s important to keep an eye on what’s happening on the playground. That way, you can spot if a child is taking a risk that’s above their age and ability. Parents, guardians, and teachers can step in if a risk looks too great and prevent an accident.

Playing outside in the sunshine is a real joy for children. But, the sun’s rays can be harmful to their young skin if it hasn’t been properly protected. Our playground designs often include awnings and canopies https://poppyplaygrounds.com/outdoor-shelters/ to provide shady areas for a bit of respite from the sun.

Part of maximizing playground safety is ensuring that there is enough space for all the intended children to enjoy. Groups of children need to be able to run around and share the space without feeling cramped.
Accidents are much more likely in a space not optimized for large numbers of excitable children. Having enough room and play equipment is something we consider in every playground design.

Risky play helps children to develop an understanding of their abilities. They need to be able to risk management for themselves and playtime is a key part of that development.
You can teach children about acceptable risks and encourage them to test themselves safely. Show them how to use equipment properly and to be aware of other playground users.
If you’d like to talk about making some updates to your current space, please get in touch. We offer free 3D designs and site surveys, prioritize playground safety, and maximize the playability and fun in every play area we work on.

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